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Be future-proof finance professional


CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is a globally recognized management accounting credential offered by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), US.

The CMA certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. Why? Because CMAs can explain the "why" behind numbers, not just the "what." And that can give you greater credibility, higher earning potential, and ultimately a seat at the leadership table.

With Academic Content Organized Over Just 2 Exam Parts And The Designation Achievable Over Less Than 9 Months, The CMA Designation Offers An Extensive Value Proposition:
  • International Credibility
  • Strong Knowledge Base in Finance & Accounting
  • Significant career progression opportunity
  • Other benefits: Leadership skills, international perspective, elite professional network
CMA course USPs:
  • Academic Advantage (2 parts, single-level exam, 75% MCQs)
  • Convenience (computerized online exams, exams held over 6 months every year)
  • Short Course duration (can be completed within 9 months)
CMA @F&A roles = “Value Creation”
Management Accountants help create value, rather than simply measuring it!
CMA helps you to be “future-proof” as you will increasingly be expected to provide “insight” and “foresight”
Source: Gartner Inc., as published in Strategic Finance, Tech Practices, January 2015


IMA-Wiley-Miles Tri-Party Agreement
  • IMA-Wiley-Miles have a tri-party agreement whereby Miles CMA Review is the “official” ima-wiley-miles partner of IMA (Institute of Management Accountant) in India.
  • Founded by Harvard and Stanford alumni, Miles CMA Review is one of the very few Platinum Course Providers for IMA across the world (and the only Platinum Course Provider for IMA in India).
  • Miles provides training using official IMA-licensed Wiley CMAexcel Learning System. Videos by one of world’s favorite CMA instructors – Varun Jain, CPA, CMA, Harvard B-School alumnus.


MNCs (including Global Fortune 500 companies and Big 4) sponsor the CPA/CMA program including the Miles study materials and training fees for their professionals. This reflects the industry demand for CPA/CMA as well as Miles’ credibility for CPA/CMA training.

Miles Corporate Tie-Up For CPA/CMA Training:
Only 2 exams to become a CMA


The 2-part CMA exams cover a broad-base of topics – all a Management Accountant or Financial Analyst needs to know!
Students would need approx. 400 hours to prepare for the exams.
Exams are conducted across 3 exam testing windows: Jan-Feb, May-June, Sep-Oct (6 months/year) at Prometric centres around the world.
Exam passing score is 360 out of 500 for each part. Exam pass rates of over 40%.

Part 1
Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control
(4 hours--100 questions and 2 eassy questions)
External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%
Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting 30%
Performance Management 20%
Cost Management 20%
Internal Controls 15%
Part 2
Financial Decision Making
(4 hours--100 questions and 2 eassy questions)
Financial Statement Analysis 25%
Corporate Finance 20%
Decision Analysis 20%
Risk Management 10%
Investment Decisions 15%
Professional Ethics 10%
Why only 2 exams on CMA vs. 13-20 exams on global public accounting qualifications?
US professional qualifications “COMPLEMENT” UNIVERSITY EDUCATION – e.g., to be a CPA, CMA or CFA, a university degree is mandatory
  • Therefore, these are crisper in content and focus only on skill-gaps that are needed to be a F&A professional
  • Designed to be pursued alongside a full-time job and to facilitate the career progression for professionals
Indian (or even UK) professional qualifications tend to “SUBSTITUTE” UNIVERSITY EDUCATION – e.g., you can be an Indian CA, CMA or CS without being an under-graduate!
  • Therefore, these are lengthy and also encompass what a candidate would have covered (or simultaneously covers) in a university degree


  • Professionals with 2+ years of experience only need to clear the 2-part CMA exams to earn the CMA designation.
  • IMA also has a student membership category whereby students can clear the 2-part CMA exams along with their graduation; and later, meet the other requirements for the CMA certificate. Given this provision, many students clear the CMA exams even before they graduate and get eligible for differential placements with MNC’s given their status as IMA members who have cleared the CMA exams.
To Obtain The CMA Certificate, Candidates Need To Fulfill The Following Criteria:
  • Examination: Clear Part 1 & Part 2 of the CMA exams

    Note: The education requirement may be completed prior to or within 7 years of passing the examination. This implies that students who are pursuing their bachelor’s are eligible to take the CMA exams

  • Education: Qualification - Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 2 years of professional experience in accounting or finance

    Note: The experience requirement may be completed prior to or within 7 years of passing the examination



The CMA Is For:
  • Accounting and finance professionals at all levels who want to excel at their jobs or expand their career potential
  • Accountants and Financial Decision Makers who want to obtain an advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the accounting and financial management skills that drive Business Performance.
  • Those who focus specifically on financial planning, analysis, control, and decision support, as well as professional ethics.
  • Those who are after the critical accounting and financial skills needed for today’s complex & changing Business Environment.

MNCs (Including Global Fortune 500 Companies And Big 4) Sponsor The CPA/CMA Program Including The Miles Study Materials And Training Fees For Their Professionals. This Reflects The Industry Demand For CPA/CMA As Well As Miles’ Credibility For CPA/CMA Training.